[] Bowling Slowly Deteriorated as the Game Progressed

I started a game of bowling by myself, and at first everything was normal. Then, after the third frame, my camera didn’t follow the ball when I rolled it, my ball changed to a default ball, when I was starting to throw my ball it disappeared, and my bowling ball kept jumping over the pins.

I could see my view in the bowling seat in first person as well, but I could only look up and down. All of my equippable items were also removed. I was wearing a catsack backpack, jetpack, soda hat, wristband, and a duck float.

If it helps, I was on the New York 1 server and I had a Plasma Bowling Ball equipped.

EDIT: Here’s some images.

Regular Bowling Ball, Camera Not Following the Bowling Ball, Bowling Ball Jumping Over Pins, Equippable Items not appearing

First Person View of Seats

This is a known issue and should be fixed in


In the meantime, switch your bowling ball to the normal bowling ball.

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