[] Projector lighting is washed out in Highrise

Hello, I have noticed that creating an outdoor projector screen in the Highrise condo using canvases has been very frustrating. I’ve gone through several shades of white and grey to make the picture not look so washed out, to no avail.

I thought to go to the default condo and check to see if it was just in Highrise or not:

Same graphics settings, same projector settings, same canvas settings and source image, but the default condo screen is much better. I do not know whether this issue happens in any other maps, but it definitely happens in Highrise. I really like Highrise, and think it makes a great “outdoor movie theater” location, better than any other condo in my opinion, so I hope this issue can be corrected soon.

I will be creating a theater screen item soon. Unfortunately because the projector is dynamic spot lights the only real fix is making them incredibly bright but that will wash out the colors.

The difference with Highrise and Condo though, is the moon intensity setting. We are exposing this setting in the weather editor in so you can adjust it.


Alright, now that the update is out, I can comment on the changes brought up.

Unfortunately, the moon intensity setting did not change the look of the projector. I am not sure whether you meant it would change the look of the image or not, but in any case the issue remains.

However, that issue is no longer a concern for me, as the new theater screen is bigger and better than my canvas setup anyway! So I’m just going to remove my homemade theater and replace it with the item. Thanks for the cool addition!

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