[] Game freezes after being in condo for random amount of time

I have a problem where if I’m in my condo anywhere between 30 seconds - 3 minutes the game completely freezes and I have to launch task manager to kill it. Also the game keeps stuttering while walking around in the plaza. Doesn’t normally happen during minigames. Heres a download link to my crash dump:



This was happening to me last night, i had just bout the condo, and was trying to place a projector on a table and it kept freezing and i had to force close 3 times, then it stopped freezing and everythin was fine, then i had someone come over for the first time and they froze 1min after being there and then came back and everything was fine. My guess it has something to do with loading objects and if it fails to load it freezes and once you have loaded it correctly it wont freeze on you again in the future

Same here, I’ve been having this problem for awhile now and it’s made the game unplayable for me.

We are actively looking into this issue. Any detailed information will help us out a lot.

Well I found if you don’t place anything or touch anything it doesn’t freeze and when I place something then instantly leave before it freezes it doesn’t save what I placed. Also If you disconnect and reconnect a few times it doesn’t freeze anymore

I have the same problem. (Since and still on

I did a several tests on Suite and Art Studio in singleplayer mode. So far it always freezes on Suite usually under 3 minutes. Even when it’s empty and I’m not doing anything (not even moving). However so far there was not a single freeze on Art Studio.

Did anyone else experience a freeze in Art Studio so far?

Well I got it to stop freezing but after going in and out 4 times it finally froze

This is now resolved as of!

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