[] Items with physics can be pushed off the map and temporarily deleted in the void


  • When a player throws an item with physics off the map it will disappear until you restart your condo when the item will come back to the owner’s inventory.


  1. Load up Smooth Dirt*.
  2. Go as far as possible to the edge of the map.
  3. Toss the item (Soccerball, ball, ring buoy, boat, etc.) and watch it go off the map.
  4. Track the item’s distance in the item finder.
  5. Item will disappear completely after some time of falling.
  6. Check inventory for item - it shouldn’t be there.
  7. Check the spawn point to see if the item has come back - it shouldn’t be there.

*Smooth Dirt was the map this happened to me on, it should happen on the other condos - if possible - as well.


  • Restart the condo to find the item back in your inventory.
  • Placing a barrier underneath every map that will return items to the owner’s inventory should prevent item loss and the requirement to restart your condo.

you could just use the item finder… and get it back…

“Track the item’s distance in the item finder.”

It disappears my friend, it cannot be found period until you restart the condo and you see it in your inventory.

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