[] Minigolf not giving 60% cash bonus payout?

It was my understanding that payout for games such as Minigolf / Virus, etc was increased 60% ?

In Minigolf a hole in one nets you 1000 instead of the old 900. Naturally, this does not equal 60% increase.

The “thanks for playing” has increased by 100, but birdie etc has no bonus.

Is this a bug, or is the information on the payout increases inaccurate? I know plaza games give the 80% increase, so this is confusing me.

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The plaza games got the 60% increase and the gamemodes got the 80% increase. It also said that it was an average increase on the update notes.

as in, some payouts get buffed more, some less
you know, to make all gameworlds/activities comparable in terms of earnings


I think this needs to be clarified slightly better then, as it is quite confusing and also delivered some false expectations I imagine, to say fairly (I can’t be the only one who understood that every mode would be around a 60% increase, went to play, and wondered why the amount is still near identical)

I was looking forward to the increase since Minigolf is my main pick and most fun, but Double or Nothing is 20x better for money (easy to earn 15-25k per 10 minutes if you find a low ping server to smack the spacebar like no tomorrow). Compared to Minigolf which is 400 average per hole (hole takes 1-2 mins pending how slow others are), which equals no more than 4k-6k per 10 minutes.

If this isn’t a bug, I would love to see a more detailed posting from a Dev on the info and financial comparisons between games.

Thanks :3

This is not a bug.

The overall, combined average increase of all Game World payouts is 80%.

For Minigolf, payouts nearly doubled (ex. Birdie was 200 and now is 400).

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