[ & .1] Joining games via plaza Queue / Joining Plaza - 2 bug issues

Posted this in Steam but thought it will be seen faster here.

This issue started happening as of and still persists with It has not been in issue in throughout the month prior since I & my friend started playing.

  1. Issue / process:
    -Queue up naturally for a game using the boards in a server (Chicago as an example), at the Plaza.
    -When a host leaves a game at the end, it kicks you to the menus as usual, but when you try to join the same server again (Chicago as example) and you go into the loading screen, you end up back at the menu a few seconds later. It is possible to join another server just fine, but it refuses to let you connect to the server again (Population is 55/64 only)

*This is happening to my friend as well

  1. Issue / process

Joining into a game via the Queue boards in a server plaza (Chicago for example), you get stuck at “waiting for host”. Ran around for 1 minute 30 seconds in the plaza still, but it refused to connect to host.
2.1) Alternatively, the game freezes at an image under the world while loading in. This happened on rare occasions before, but now it happens 700% more frequently.

-Joining via the menu itself works perfectly fine however, the issue is just via joining while Queuing directly from a server’s plaza.

*This is happening to my friend as well. Regardless which of us is host. 1 other random who Queued for the game also didn’t seem to load in.

**My router is free from any restrictions that would cause this. His is not as unrestricted, but neither of us had this issues before, minus the occasional game freezing up during load (1/20 games). Now it is happening in about 1/2 games.

***Edit - An error that comes up now is “VAC check failed: AuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled”

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