[] Texas Hold Em is broken (Several issues)

So my favorite game in the casino is definitely Texas Hold Em, especially playing for high stakes in the high roller lounge above Spin to Win. However from the 30+ hours I’ve spent playing Poker, I’ve found several issues that are game breaking and need to be addressed.

  1. A common bug involving text chat. When you’re in poker mode you can’t access text chat at all, so because of that the game bugs out if you were in text chat when entering poker mode. If you were in text chat (Maybe sending a message in Global or something) when you enter Poker, then when you exit, you will get stuck. Your mouselook won’t work, you can’t move, and you can’t use the action button. The only way out of this is to either A. Leave the lobby, or B. Hold K and suicide.

  2. Player autofolds do not work. Everyone has 20 seconds to take their turns, and when those 20 seconds are up if the player hasn’t done anything, then the game automatically folds for them. At least, that is what should happen. Instead, what happens is after it folds them, it locks the following player in an endless loop. They cannot bet, fold, check, do anything, and the timer keeps resetting itself, basically putting the game in an unescapable loop. The only way out of this is to just disconnect from the lobby, making everyone lose all those units they were betting with. It just boggles my mind that something as gamebreaking as this made it through.

  3. The game has no way to calculate ties. In real poker in the event of a tie where both player’s hands have equal value, the pot is split. Every poker game, including the notable Telltale’s Poker Night series does this. However here, if there is a tie, then the person at the right most position of the table will win. How is this fair? The tie should be calculated and the pot split between the tied players.

  4. There has been a rare case where it is possible to enter a poker table, but it doesn’t have you in the seat when the game starts, so after the game ends, you’ll get stuck.

Those four bugs are ruining the game for poker players like myself who wanna have poker nights in the casino, and just average joes in general. If I got a Unit for everytime someone got stuck because of the text chat bug, I would have enough units to buy 2 spins on Spin to Win. These four problems need to be addressed in a hotfix ASAP.

As a side note, this extra gripe isn’t about the poker game itself, but more about the high roller room. It is possible to get inside the fireplace, and the inside of the fireplace is missing walls. Don’t know if it was the devs intending to let people get inside the fireplace, but it’s something worth mentioning.

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I will look into those bugs.

As for the pot splitting, Caboose worked on a proper splitting system that is true to Poker rules (with all in support and side pots). I will be adding that alongside the endless rounds gameplay.

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I discovered the source of the text chat geting stuck bug. It’s actually related to the mouse cursor. What happens is if your mouse cursor is active at any time when in poker mode, like say you alt tab or have chat open, then when the poker match ends you get stuck.

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