[] Virus: Player is invisible

Guy is invisable as a human in virus and many others players seen it in this game and its happend every round he has played.

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Same thing happened to me. People were telling me “nice hacks” when I was last survivor. I was confused and asked why and they said I was invisible. I tested it a couple more rounds and they couldn’t get me unless I was actively shooting (They could see my weapon and bullet projectiles fine). I stopped playing and joined only to have it happen again. Idk if its something with my player model customization. I won’t change anything until this is fixed so if Pixeltail wants to check my player model, my steam account is Tyathias with an MLG pfp. I am kinda scared to play more Virus for fear of people reporting me and me getting banned. Please fix.

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You wouldn’t get banned as we’re aware of the bug and are currently investigating it.

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