[] Auto Kick Casino System Bug

I don’t know if this is a bug but everytime I get kicked from the machine (This is another bug, sometimes I need to minimize the window and click again on the game window to “unlock” my keyboard) I lose EVERY ITEM from my inventory (potions, metal detector/gun, jetpack and hats)

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I kinda like this because then it makes it harder to run back to your machine if you’re afk since you wouldn’t have a jetpack or speed shoes to get back before someone takes it

But if you want to have it back you have to leave the server and re-enter

every time I have been afk kicked from the machine, I have been able to run back without leaving the server

But you can’t get your items back

if you’re gambling I don’t think you really need items but I do think that we should keep our clothes on and maybe just have a timed thing that strips you of your jetpack/speed shoes so other people have a chance at getting on the machine :thinking:

Just looks like the wearables aren’t being rebuilt. Does respawning fix it?


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