[] Entering Ball Race Alone

Yesterday morning I encountered a strange case involving Ball Race.
In the Chicago US server, I was waiting in the queue alone for some random players to join with me. However after waiting a few minutes, I was thrown into what I believe was an official server, in the map Paradise. Note that there was no map vote, or any indication that a game was starting. I find this strange as it requires two or more players in order to play Ball Race, yet I was able to start it alone in an empty server.

During the game, no other players joined. I’m unsure if this was because of it not showing in the server list, or nobody was interested. I did capture a picture a few seconds after the game begun, but I am not sure this will help at all. I’ve also attempted to replicate this bug, but nothing I did seemed to trigger this again.

I belive noone was interested (i don’t know how much servers were atm, because when i usually play, there are like 2-4 of them)

Sorry, but i can not take support, i only take support in Frankfurt servers, and eventually, new york

Also, it happened to me once, but then 1 player joined (and after 1 round left, proably because of lag)

This sounds like a bug with the vote map system. Seems like you were transported, but no one else was. Does this happen often?

Yes, I also had, but very rarely

No other players were in the queue with me, so I’m not sure how I was transported since it requires at least two players. I’ve only suffered from this once that day, and since then I haven’t encountered this bug again. I did attempt to replicate this bug by repeating the same actions that were done while waiting (such as sitting at specific spots), but I wasn’t transported again. Even then, I’m not sure the actions were the source of this bug.

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