[] Cursor with "Click to view profile or mute" stuck on screen

This happens every time I try to click a player’s name from the chat box, and it only fixes itself after a few minutes of gameplay or after logging out and back in.

Had to record with a camera since software recording didn’t pick it up.

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This commonly happens to me when I’m building stuff in my condo. I usually get the a label of an item I may be using stuck on my screen. I just boots the dpi on my mouse with a button, spin left like 200 time and it’s out of the way. It is annoying when the only way to get rid of it is quitting to menu I think

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what usually works for me is moving my cursor “out of the monitor”.


I’ve found another fix aswell. Scroll through the chat til you find a users name who has a darkened background then hover over their name so that it removes the background this fixes the thing.

Yeah, i just drag it to the top of the screen and it goes.

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