[] sometimes a name doesnt appear in ball race when joining mid game

i joined a ball race game mid-game and when i hit tab there was a players name that was blank. When i tried to look at the steam profile it just said that the profile was private but didnt have a profile picture.

i also noticed while i was playing that he was completly off the map but was still able to finish the map (sorry i dont have picture of it)

this also happened when i joined mid-game for little crusaders but for some reason i just ignored it

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I think they do it on purpose, like with their steam account, no exploiting.

I’ve played with that person a few times over the past couple of days, they just have no name. I only know it’s the same person based on how well they keep up with me. It’s a steam thing where they make it look like they have no name.

im not saying i dont believe you but when you noticed the guy with a blank name did you notice him not in sync with the layout? i noticed someone (not sure if it was him but it would make sense seeing as he might have been permanently desynced with the server hence the no name) moving around on the map but not on solid ground for most of the map

like i said im not 100% sure that it was him that was desyncing or someone else that had a high ping but if i see it again ill take a closer look

ok this can be closed. hes using a special character so no name appears

Probably a Alt-255 thing on Windows or a option-space thing on macs.

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