[] Put in virus while actually joining Little Crusaders

So ive click on join in amphiteathre in LC menu and then it displayed virus hospital loading and then it put me in the virus

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Clearly the game wanted you to play Virus.

Was this in the Plaza or main menu?


Main menu

Now i also can give more info,
i now see an server of throne room in LC menu with 0/12 players that puts me in the virus

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It happened to me but it was showing a condo. What i think is, i was in that condo before, so maybe you was on that virus server before and for some reason the game just put it there, is what happened to me sometimes where i was on Minigolf or Condo and when i leave and see servers of another gameworld it was showing there, causing this strange bug of Virus in LT, or Minigolf in Virus.

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No, i weren’t
last time i were in Virus were in (not counting that when it put in virus me instead of LC)

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