[] Pool table queue/start infinite start;

It’s been a bug for several versions already but every time you complete a game of pool in the arcade, you go out and do something else like treasure hunt or minigames, go back to the arcade and queue up another game, you are met with an infinite bug of being stuck striking the cue ball but not starting the game. you can even see the queue counter and player list still above you counting down indefinitely.

Steps to Reproduce

Play a game of Pool. Finish game. Collect tickets or not, doesn’t matter. Go out to the plaza. (Doesn’t matter if you do minigames or not) Go back to arcade and queue up another game of pool.

Lately I also encountered other bugs on top of that where the player board was empty and grey instead of the usual green or not all the balls spawned in (like one of my games, I was missing 2 more balls and the 8-ball.) And that same grey board problem but with no tickets cashed out. Will post more on this thread about them when I can.

Missing balls

Greyed out player board