[] Inconsistent behavior with OnPoint event on path mover splines

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a path mover with a series of spline points
  2. Parent an object to be moved across the path (a “platform”)
  3. Change the duration of the path evaluation at two different points on the spline (ex: OnPoint5 SetDuration 15, OnPoint9 SetDuration 5)
  4. Run the path mover on a loop

What I expected to happen

The parented object “platforms” should speed up/slow down when they reach set points on the spline of the path mover since the path mover is set to change its own duration when it hits those given points.

What happened

More often than not (about 1 in 20), the path mover will ignore the self referencing OnPoint events and not change the duration despite hitting those points on the spline every loop resulting in extremely inconsistent behavior