[] Condo Bug: Cloudy Weather Defaulting to Clear/Blue Skies for Joining Parties

Title name.
Currently, as of v., Server-side weather does not show for connecting clients by default.

Steps to Reproduce

Host a condo, set the weather to cloudy/rainy, as normal.
Have someone join your condo.
They will see clear/blue skies by default regardless of weather setting, until you set the weather to cloudy/rainy. You have to update the weather manually for them to see it.

What I expected to happen

Users get to enjoy the rainy/cloudy weather upon joining. (They’re not, unless I manually set the weather again each time someone joins the condo.)

What happened

Water is falling out of clear blue skies.

Notes / Media

This is a client-side issue.

Additional note:
The Cloud slider darkens the sky slightly.
The Thunder slider darkens the sky a lot.
The Rain slider doesn’t darken the sky at all, only toggles the rain.

Ideally, I’d like dark sky and a calm, steady rain, without the constant thunder/lightning.
Currently, I don’t have that option, and I’d like it. I’m aiming for a cozy, rainy atmosphere and the dark sky contributes to that, a lot.