[] Coloring desync from guests in Condo [FIXED]

This seemed to occur a lot when I was a guest playing in friend’s Condo and changed colors, sometimes they won’t be updated or appear slightly different from what I picked to everyone else. If [owner] changes color of furniture, it seems to work fine every time though.

Steps to Reproduce

Be a guest with full builder permissions to recolor furniture in someone else’s Condo and recolor furniture several times (it’s not 100% of time but it does happen often)

What I expected to happen

I expect color of furniture to match exactly what guests chose on their end to appear same for everyone else.

What happened

Color of furniture that guests set may appear unchanged OR slightly different / brighter / darker than what they actually set.

Notes / Media

For starters; all booths are white/blue by default before the testing.

My owner pov after recoloring all of booths.

Guest’s pov after me recoloring all booths. No problem here!

Guest’s pov after recoloring all of booths.

My owner pov after guest recoloring all of booths. Bottom left haven’t been updated; this does happens a lot- and sometimes colors appear slightly different/darker/brighter than what guest picked. It’s very subtle but it’s there for comparison.


[] This bug seemed to be fixed now!! Hooray! :partying_face: