[] Camera lock bugs in Condo's building mode

This bug in particular is pretty difficult to track down as there seemed to be a lot of inconsistency in reproducing this bug as there are several different situations where bug can occur making your camera unable to move until you kill yourself with K key or opening condo inventory menu with Q key but these doesn’t always work in some situations.

Steps to Reproduce

I got one that seems to happen every time- (see the video below)

  • Open your condo inventory.
  • Select any of string fx items and place one on anything.
  • Click on the string you just placed and edit it.
  • use “Set Position” and set it.
  • Close both “Editing” and “Manipulate” windows

You are now experiencing a camera lock bug. You can fix it by killing yourself but it’s a pain having to do that every time + respawning far away- having to run back to what you’re working on.

What I expected to happen

I expect camera not to be locked after closing windows or using something in condo building mode.

What happened

Camera gets locked- you cannot see around at all.

Notes / Media

This one seems to happen every time.

I’ve been trying to recreate this one but I couldn’t. I think it could occur from expended inventory but I don’t remember how I did that.


You can also fix the camera, by pulling out an RC and putting it away and tapping Q.


I was just thinking about reporting this after having encountered it myself numerous times as well as my friend who I just bought the game.

It seems to occur when you pull an item out of inventory Doesnt seem to matter if its an I/O item or not. I did notice it happens alot with FX and Sound effects.

What I usually end up doing is hitting tab or esc hitting it again hitting tilda key hitting it again and then I can at least move to see left and right but I can not actually move at all unless I hit V and fall but pressing K does indeed fix it.
Its quite annoying.


Yeah, this bug is extremely annoying and it’s the only thing that discourages me from building in Condo- it’s that bad. I could have reported it sooner but it’s very tricky bug to track down; especially when you couldn’t figure out what caused it to happen as there are several different ways making it occur.

I can confirm what you said- it also happens a lot after you pull items out of inventory

I’ve also been trying for ages to find a consistent way to trigger this so I could report it. It’s so frustrating that it makes me not want to build in condos because I keep having to stop and respawn.

I remember there was a relatively consistent version of this that was tied to editing scale values a while back. Sometimes you’d edit the scale and your chance of getting a camera lock would increase significantly. I’m not sure if that was fully fixed or not.

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