[] SimpleMover SetMoveTo - Redundant and Broken

Essentially, SetMoveTo while currently broken, would presumably accomplish the same task as the GoTo function currently does if it was working.

Steps to Reproduce

Place a simple mover, 2 buttons, and any object.
Connect your mover to the object and the buttons to the mover.
Change the outputs of the buttons to call the GoTo and SetMoveTo function at different values respectively.

Now press the buttons and note the MoveTo values inside the mover each time you press them.

What I expected to happen

The described behavior, the MoveTo vector field to correctly be set by SetMoveTo.

Additionally it would be cool if GoTo did not make this feature redundant and instead set the position of the calling mover or some other useful feature. (GoTo is a better candidate to have its use changed due to the other function more closely matching the preexisting naming convention)

What happened

“GoTo” correctly sets the “MoveTo” field and “SetMoveTo” does not set any of the associated values.

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