[] Reverse Setting on Simple Mover

Setting an item to reverse on a simple mover only works when button is pressed for a second time.

Steps to Reproduce

Canvas connected to a simple mover - button connected to the mover with Start on 0.0 seconds and Reverse on 8.0 seconds. Pressing button triggers Start however the Reverse only triggers the second time the button is pressed.

What I expected to happen

When button is pressed the item will start moving, wait for XX Seconds and reverse back to its starting position.

What happened

Item doesnt reverse on first button press.

From personal experience in my own and others condos, It looks like reversal would work perfectly if it was able to ignore the “turnaround” frames a normally looped mover would have. I make this assumption due to my observations that reversals sometimes go only a portion of distance they are supposed to after a delayed start.

That is to say, to me it seems like the problem could be more accurately described as “Reverse Setting does not activate for correct length of time” or “Reverse Setting should immediately commence movement on call”.

Edit: After testing, the incorrect reverse delay glitch only occurs on grouped objects.