[] Fish loot pool is messed up

I was fishing for over an hour and I think something is wrong with the fish loot pool. By that I mean I haven’t gotten any trash or treasure items even though I have used curly grub bait (50 to be exact) for the majority of the time and only got fish with ? and wire frames. I have gotten way to many rare and super rare fish and I also feel like I have seen wire frame fish pop up in the water more than usual.

Steps to Reproduce

I went fishing at the dock by the Ferris wheel ( forget what plaza, east something)

What I expected to happen

To get items and other sea creatures other then fish. Not get as many rare as I did

What happened

Not sure, maybe the fishing event messed something up? Something fishy about fishing that’s for sure!

Notes / Media

Sorry for the boring paste of pics, but this is the only way I thought I could show the problem. Let me know if you have more questions!

As you can see here I tried some other baits that were not item based to see if the loot pools got reversed, but nope.

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I’ve had the same issues, been fishing a lot as of lately and have gotten absolutely no trash or treasures. Been seeing a lot of rare fish too.


That’s odd, I’ll look into this.

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Alright, I found the issue, it’s on the AGCs. The fix has been applied and the AGCs restarted.


You are the best, thank you! I felt so crazy for a second ahahah I thought maybe it was just me

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