[] Minigolf - Jittery aim on certain holes

The arrow ONLY on certain holes, particularly on the new maps jitters around a bit, and in some cases limits how accurately you can aim.

In the 1st example, MWood hole 1 you can see it’s fine, then on hole 4 it’s jittery, in this case doesn’t effect much other then looking jittery, not a precise shot.
MWood holes 4 & 8 both jitter.

On nostalgia holes 1-9 it’s completely fine, but on 10-18 it’s jittery on all.
Particularly on hole 10 it hinders how much you can adjust the aim to go for the HIO since it’s very precise, there’s spots where you move the mouse 3 pixels… it does nothing, then 1 more it jumps 4 effectively removing the option to shoot those 3 pixels in the middle, and it happens consistently.
Unsure of how the mechanic works so I can’t speculate on causes, just know it only happens on some holes.


My guess would be that the holes where this happen are because they are farther from the origin (0, 0, 0) and therefore may be starting to get “rounding errors” (or floating point errors or whatever). If that is the case, it’s unlikely it can be fixed unless they try to keep the holes near the center of the world/map.

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