[] Text Hats Disappearing

Summary of bug here.
Hiding and unhiding your HUD with F5 causes your and everyones elses Text Hat to disappear until it is placed back on

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have text hat on
  2. Hide then unhide HUD
  3. Text hat will no longer be visible

What I expected to happen

Text hat to be visible after unhiding HUD

What happened

Can’t see text hat

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!



It also seems to happen if you equip milestone items such as the orb from Ball Race and the Knight/Ghost from Little Crusaders as well.

This has been a bug since the engine update back when they added Catzek. I swear I remember making a bug report on it but I must’ve forgotten.

Also the text hat will randomly appear again after a bit sometimes but it can take several minutes.