[] Lobby is Christmas?

Dunno if this is just a me thing cause I haven’t seen anyone point it out, but since Halloween ended its been Christmas in the lobby even though you don’t get Holiday Coins and the calendar doesn’t say Christmas has started.

Steps to Reproduce

Enter the Lobby

What I expected to happen

It to be the standard plaza

What happened

Snow is everywhere and the bottom left icon is Christmas themed

This is not a bug.
And the lobby is not ‘christmas’ as soon as Halloween ends, the lobby turns to winter.
It does not mean the winter events have started, but merely that Halloween has ended.
And that the winter events will start soon.

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Ahhhh. Sorry I only joined Tower Unite in 2022 and Halloween was extended extra long that year, so there was no time between Halloween and Christmas that year and assumed it was supposed to just be the regular plaza