[] Saving Condo vs Snapshot saving

Summary of bug here.
Friend of mine was crashing when he was coming to my condo. so, I thought to reset my condo to see if reloading it with him in there would help out.
Turns out when you hit the “Save” button up top thinking it saves to the Snapshot screen, IT DOES NOT. So I then FOOLISHLY said ‘nah, don’t save this to a snapshot’ thinking I had done that over the past few days [yeah, I lost like… 6 days of work in my condo, ugh], and I couldn’t revert back to the save before hand.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a condo with work in it.
  2. be a silly billy and save the condo, but not then save it to a snapshot/new snap shot
  3. be devastated when you realize your mistake.

What I expected to happen

When I hit that save button at the top of the menu, I was Expecting it:
A. saves to a snapshot that I was working on before
B. makes a snapshot with the day/month/year, Time on it or
C. Save it to a Snapshot with the same name like “My Condo(1)”, “My Condo(2)” and so on.

What happened

I hit the save and got the result listed in the summery.

Notes / Media

If there’s any way I can revert back to a save of my condo that isn’t in a snapshot I would love to know [though I think I was in the condo long enough that it did save over that one, but I’m not sure if you have like a history feature or not that I don’t have access to]

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The save button is not a bug, it’s working as intended.


This isn’t a bug. The save button is so you can manually save because the game used to autosave and sometimes it wouldn’t autosave everything.

The snapshots are a different thing.

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To the people saying it’s working as intended; I get what you are saying, but the problem is that it’s not saving the way I thought it would. If you want to save it that way, rename it to something like “Quicksave” to let me know that it’s only saving to the current condo, not to a snapshot. The wording and/or understanding of where it is saving to and/or the idea of where it should save are at play here.

First of all, the people saying it are telling as it is as you call it a bug. And calling this a bug makes the context here that you assume it’s a bug. It’s not their fault for not understanding from your point of view.

Second, had you explained it before, then at least they understand. But honestly you should not post as a bug report IF you knew it isn’t a bug at all but rather not understanding it.
Support would’ve been better for this topic. Or a Condo Suggestion.

Not trying to sound a like a pain, It’s an honest mistake. You thought it happen one way, then expecting to well, work said way. I thought the same way as well before.

But ya know I can see why the devs did this.
Sometimes you want a free mess around. And if you plan to have different blueprints of your condo, Snapshot is there for that. You can overwrite Snapshot if it had the same name so it’s updated. Sure, it’s a pain to manually do it but it’ll help you in the long run.

Yeah this is intentional as everyone else said already but I do not blame OP at all for thinking it was a bug. The Save button is just weird in general, it’s more prominent than the actual Snapshots menu itself for some reason and is also the only top button in the scoreboard that doesn’t open a new tab/menu.

It’d make way more sense if that button just opened the Snapshots menu and that had a manual quicksave button in it, along with a warning that quicksaves will be lost if you reset or load another snapshot without saving to a snapshot first.