[] Mini Golf "Away" Scoring Bug

Summary of bug here.

I was inappropriately marked “away” after scoring a hole in 1 while the person I was playing mini golf with was busy for a minute and away from their computer. Then the person I am playing with was also marked as “away”. The following hole ( 8 ) gave me the default score for being away. It did not let me putt.

Steps to Reproduce

Start a game with 2 people. Have 1 person be away / intentionally not play. I would anticipate this happening when you get to a “hole in 1” hole depending on what course you played. In this game it is hole #7 in “Mushroom World”.

It is also noteworthy the mini golf game world has been incorrectly marking me away when I score holes in 1 and have to wait for others to finish the hole when we are in larger groups. But with a large group playing it hasn’t affected me negatively until now. Not everyone gets food or uses the washroom at the same time. But with just 2 people playing it finally negatively impacted me.

What I expected to happen

I expect to only be marked away unless I legitimately am.,

What happened

The timeout logic incorrectly marked me as being “away”.

Notes / Media

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