[] Double Dipping with Coin River Ticket Payouts

Was able to get paid from Coin River twice, and I don’t think it was just a UI bug reporting the wrong number on my end. (Did not experiment further to verify, though)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Be at the Coin River machine by Lonely Gun / Tornado, due to its proximity to a ticket machine.
  2. Have a non-zero amount of tickets in hand.
  3. Play a game of Coin River (presumably anything?)
  4. Deposit tickets already in-hand before your character automatically gains the tickets you left behind on the floor.
  5. Once you get the tickets on the floor added to your in-hand total, deposit tickets again.

What I expected to happen

Tickets in-hand amount added once, zeroed, added a second time with my last Coin River score.

What happened

Tickets in-hand amount AND unclaimed floor tickets added, then able to deposit unclaimed floor tickets a second time.

Notes / Media

Between Steps-To-Reproduce Steps 4 and 5, I had ≈17,000 tickets in hand and just scored ≈2,000 at Coin River. The UI said + ≈19,000 when I deposited the first time, then after adding the ≈2,000 I just picked up, it said ≈21,000. I did not verify that this is simply an incorrect UI number on my end, as the Casino is wont to do, but after buying some of the new plushies and re-logging, it really seems like I got those extra 2,000 tickets. An unscrupulous coin-on-a-string arcade hooligan could use this to get double tickets every other match. …In fact, double every game after the first if you just don’t deposit the auto-pickup tickets :thinking:

That said, hopefully this is only client-side and I am raising a false alarm :kissing_cat::+1:

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