[] Custom Spawn Point broken in new instances of Condos

When a map is reset, it seems incapable of using custom spawn points, while old instances of condos (IE condo saves from before the current update) function normally.

Steps to Reproduce

Opening a fresh instance of a condo, placing a Custom Spawn Point, and killing yourself to respawn will result in the ragdoll simply disappearing without actually respawning the player. Doing the same thing on an old condo save, however, functions as expected.

What I expected to happen

To respawn within the Custom Respawn Point, as happens successfully in old instances of condos.

What happened

In a condo save created after the current update, the player’s ragdoll simply disappears upon clicking to respawn, without actually respawning the player, softlocking the player until they disconnect.

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I’ve been getting the same problem, only on my actual condo world, (I tested the idea in flatgrass) just to see if it worked and it did, so then in my main condo world I had set this thing up where players would spawn in this little room under the map at first with the rules and explanation of what you can do/find on the map, then you’d be TP’d on top of a “Checkpoint spawn” at the normal spawn, so you wouldn’t have to go back to that room, but as you said, it just softocks you. Mainly commenting so the devs see this post getting interactions cause this bug breaks maps

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The pivot point/origin on the spawn point is wrong, try moving the spawn point upwards on the Z-axis by 66.96 units