[] Hotbar issues

Sometimes when you unequip an item from the hotbar, you cannot equip it again until you reload the game.

Seems to happen if you load somewhere else after loading into your condo or into the plaza.

Steps to Reproduce (Confirmed)

  • Join a condo, can be yours or someone elses condo from either plaza, condo hub, matchmaking or any game world.

What I expected to happen

Being able to equip stuff again

What happened

Not being unable to equip stuff I removed

Notes / Media

In this pic, I removed the Slightly Bigger Potion and right after I was unable to equip it again.

In addition to this, if you change position of anything on the hotbar. You can literally drag stuff out of the Condo Inventory and equip it on the hotbar.


Update on this bug report.

The hotbar bug seems to happen if you host a condo after being on a plaza or game world.