[] Unable to load workshop maps with custom music from the selection screen


Summary of bug here.
When the voting screen appears and you select a map with a custom workshop music the lobby suddenly starts working

Steps to Reproduce

  • Start a normal game of virus
  • When the voting screen appears select one map with custom game world music (for ex. prometheus, event horizon, cementopia)
  • Lobby crashes
    HOWEVER it works if you create a lobby directly with the map from the main menu

What I expected to happen

It loads the map with the custom music

What happened

Lobby keeps crashing

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!


Still an issue. Workshop maps with custom game world music don´t work anymore due to endless loading when selected in a vote / from game world ports. They only work when a new lobby is started directly with the map.

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Looking at these maps, I bet it’s because they have required items attached to them, which is their sound packs. They shouldn’t need to do this, but I’d have to see why it’s not finishing the download callback and moving forward with the gameplay logic.

Thanks for the reply. Back when the update was released the music wasn´t working if you didn´t attach the music as required items. I´ve removed all requirements from the maps I was working on/with.

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Even after removing the „necessary files“ in the steam workshop it doesn‘t work. When loading a map from game world ports its stuck in „waiting for host“. When using the map selection after a round it just freezes.

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Thank you for the update on this. I’m running it through the debugger and trying to figure out why these maps have issues specifically.

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I have found the issue and a fix will be in the next update.

There were two issues:

  • if the map is already subscribed by the host it will not load
  • due to changes to Steam’s API callback system it was not reporting if the map was installed properly, which is now fixed

I also added some feedback to players when the host is installing the map so it’s not just stuck on that screen doing nothing.


Awesome, thank you very much!

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