Dynamic media player light is broken

Dynamic light from media players is too random, sometimes it can work, sometimes its not. Or sometimes its just acting weird or working only on projector.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Turn on dynamic light setting for media players
  2. Place media player and activate a video

What I expected to happen

It will work properly

What happened

It’s not working most of the time.

Notes / Media

Projector is item that has dynamic lighting most of the times, while other media players have nothing (but they do work in very rare cases).

Which items have this issue?

Dynamic media player light is an average of all the colors that are currently on the screen. Projector does a different and more expensive method that I do want to add to the other items.

I haven’t gotten the dynamic lights to work on any media players since they added it in. I see a button for it when I open my media player menu, but it doesn’t do anything.

Would love to get the dynamic lights on libretro consoles and videos, the same way the arcade cabinets and computers have.

the only item that has dynamic light work at least sometimes is Projector.
Any other items are have absolutely no that feature working