[] String FX Desync from guests in Condo

I noticed this every time I try to decorate using string fx as guest in friend’s Condo and it always appear wrong to everyone else so I wanted to report this as soon as I could.

Steps to Reproduce

Be a guest with full building permissions, place a handful of string fx and position them to your liking- they may not appear in correct position to owner and everyone else during the same session.

What I expected to happen

I expect string fx to appear in correct position every time that guests set just like owner could.

What happened

Whenever guest adds string fx in Condo; it may often not appear with correct position to everyone else.

Notes / Media

— TEST 1 — [Host placing string fx]

My POV as owner after placing string fx. No problem here.

Friend’s POV after seeing me place string fx. (They’re a guest) No problem here.

— TEST 2 — [Non-host placing string fx]

My POV after watching guest friend add string fx + placing them. Broken.

Guest friend’s POV after they placed the strings. (Sorry this is hard to see. All string fx are connected between poles in this screenshot)

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[] Bug is still present.

I did a test twice just to be sure, results varies.



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