[] AMD RX 6600 driver crashing in Dark Voyage on DX11

Hello, Whenever I play Dark Voyage and get to the hell section near the end, whenever the demon says the line “Join me in death”, right after my graphics driver will consistently crash, closing the game as well.

This has never happened on my old NVIDIA gpu (GTX1060).

I got back to back crashes on that section at the same time on DX11, but after switching to DX10, it plays normally and does not crash. There is no apparent issues up to that section, it will play smoothly until it freezes and the driver crashes.

I have tried switching drivers, reinstalling etc and that did not help. I do not experience driver crashes in any other game, so I feel this may be tied specifically to a bug.


I believe I’m experiencing this exact issue as well.
I’m running an AMD RX 6800, and this happens to me as well.

I think that the crash can be mostly avoided by not shooting at the seated demon while it’s speaking?