[] Security Cameras not displaying appropriate light in TV render


security cameras do not seem to reflect the appropriate amount of light when hooked up to a media player, the result is a very dark image instead

Steps to Reproduce

place a security camera facing a lit up area
(specifically, this was tested on smooth autumn at night time, with a well lit area)

What I expected to happen

the area would be well lit (or near enough) on camera like it is in game

What happened

security camera footage seems abnormally dark instead


im not sure if this is intended or not but i appear to have scan lines on my tv while using the security camera while not having the option for it on

in my example image, i tested it with a lamp of brightness 8.0 just to get it to show well in the render, most lighting lower than this doesn’t show up at all


Having the same issue

Furthermore, I don’t think special markers and such that are only visible in edit mode should be captured by a security camera’s POV, for optimisation and performance reasons


Still hoping this will get fixed.

or at least add a night vision mode

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