[] SDNL - Workshop Maps override official Maps

Workshop map, Nuketown, somehow its map loaded, while the game thinks it was on decommission.

Steps to Reproduce

I think we loaded on to Nuketown 1st after the round finished, tried another map (decommission) and somehow the game loaded assets from the official maps, while still playing on Nuketown

What I expected to happen

Hoping after the round ended, that nuketown wouldn’t load

What happened

The game loading 2 different map assets while thinking its on only 1 map.


To be more precise on the steps to reproduce :

  • Play a game on Nuketown. I don’t remember the game mode we were when we played it, sorry, maybe @Alexman does remember it ?
  • Start a new round and select Decommission
  • The game will now load Nuketown over Decommission.
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Workshop maps are super not ready. I’m okay with people playing on them and uploading them, but the feature hasn’t been officially released.

I will be fixing this bug in the next update though.

We did play Nuketown for 2 rounds, tired to play decommission afterwards, then somehow nuketown was loaded, but saw pipes from decommission and it was super laggy and not a lot of space to walk around.