[] Custom Spawn Point breaks respawning for some reason

Summary of bug here

When attempting to place a Custom Spawn Point and set it to checkpoint mode, I am not able to respawn at all after dying after interacting with the CSP despite the CSP displaying green implying that the location of the CSP is unobstructed.

The precense of any nearby Canvas Decals, Sound Emitters, and Particle Effects shouldn’t really any influence on being able to respawn, nor should they have any collision at all.

It seems really unclear as to whether or not is a CSP is actually obstructed.

Steps to Reproduce

Place a CSP in a narrow walkway, where it is still possible to move freely under normal conditions.

Consider a walkway no wider than 146.5 units, or a walkway no wider than the sliding doorframes in C_House. Consider any nearby or overlapping Canvas Decals, Particle Effects (Flies), and Sound Emitters.

Set the CSP to Checkpoint Mode and give it a Spawn Tag. Walk over it and press K, or die to other causes. Attempt to respawn.

Use the Item Finder to remove the alleged obstructed CSP, then attempt to respawn again.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

What happened

Can not respawn at all.

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!

You may need to move this spawn point up a bit, it’s most likely being blocked by the ground.

Further investigation determines that it functions correctly when positioned 66.96 units above the floor, based on using a Teleporter’s Set Position tool and right clicking with the crosshair aimed at the ground. I then copied the Z position from the Teleport Destination and used that as a basis.

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