[] Billiards & Mini-Golf Broken

Mini-Golf no longer works after the latest update and hotfix. Cannot join a game anymore.

Billiards physics and network sync are broken. Balls go down, but the animations keep going as if the ball hit a side rail, to only disappear 3-4 seconds later. Balls also aren’t synced for other players. Balls appear where they aren’t really located on the table. Ball visibility to spectators is also completely out of sync. Sometimes cannot shoot the cue ball. Sometimes the pool stick and power meter are invisible.

Steps to Reproduce

Mini-Golf: try to join / host a game and start a game.
Billiards: start a game and watch everything go out of sync. Continue to play until eventually the other bugs become visible.

What I expected to happen

I expect pool balls in billiards to behave as they would on a real billiards table. I expect the balls and shots to be in sync between players and not scrambled all over in different arrangements on both players’ screens.

What happened

Tried to play both games and discovered they are even more broken than they were, after the latest update and hotfix.

How are you joining them? Through the game ports hub or the menu? I’m able to join and create servers.

The same way I always joined to play. I tried both. Your guys servers were just screwed up apparently as it’s working again - or was broken and fixed without public notice. Billiards is still a mess. Broken animations, physics, network sync, etc.