[] SDNL: Magnum Scope is Flipped Sideways

This seems like a minor issue on paper, but in a high-speed, frentic deathmatch mode, it’s very irritating and distracting.
The pictures here are cropped, but both have been taken without moving the mouse at all, only right clicking to zoom in.

Personally, I think the best way to do it would be like the Crossbow where the FOV narrows, but no overlay is put on the screen. It’s far less intrusive, lets you see more, and it’s less prone to other issues with telescope effects.
EDIT: didn’t realise there were SDNL boards, oops. They were right in front of me but i guess i just looked past em

I do like there being a scope, but I agree zooming in with it is very disorienting. I also feel like the scope itself is a little too zoomed in to be practical.
(I disagree with OP’s suggestion to make it increase FOV and not aim down the scope, though)

could have it be an accessibility option, cuz I do like telescope effects for scopes visually, but for gameplay i prefer a simpler zoom, and i’ve seen some other people who don’t like it.

I’m gonna try adjusting the scope feature a bit more. Possibly removing the iron sight aspect of it.