[] Minigolf Ball drift / moving prior to taking a shot while not host

Description of issue:
Often when you are a client connecting to a minigolf match (not host) the ball drifts ever so slowly sideways/forwards, it seems to happen more so on some holes than others (or at least is more obvious on them) I chose T-cove 18 as the example because it’s very obvious every time I play. This only happens when you are not the host, I suspect something funky is happening with the ball position being reported back and forth between clients. I also suspect this happens on more holes but much more subtle.
I Could see a band-aid fix (at least for first shot) such as the ball being in a fixed position prior to taking the first shot.

Steps to Reproduce:
Simply play casually and take your time before making your shots, in recent memory I have seen it on t-cove holes 7 & 18, I remember there are others as well but I host most of the time (due to this issue).

Video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A8YNnAV-z0

Main reason this can be impactful to gameplay (in my case)
I like to improve my scores, using and altering my setups to get the best results, in this example if I aim at the same spot in both scenarios the ball drift would cause me to miss to the left effecting the timing.


Do you experience this without the upgrade equipped?

The physics system is meant to keep your ball asleep until you hit the ball. Seems like a collision that is causing it to unsleep the ball.

Gave it a try with no upgrades equipped, funny enough hole 18 didn’t seem to drift much but got quite a bit on hole 8 this time.

I shot on the line (straight on the ground texture) after a minute or 2 to make sure it was not just client side, and it did go to the side, also had the host shoot on the line to make sure the start wasn’t centered and she went straight.

Also I didn’t notice when playing, but playing back the video at 4x the ball continues to drift after the first shot.

Another thing possibly worth noting, I’m in the same house as the host this time so it is also happening with low ping.

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