[] Mini Golf: Kingdom: Hole #5

Summary of bug here.

On the 2nd putt player missed getting into the hole. The ball came to a stop in the position in the screen shot. The game treated this as if the ball was still in motion. The player could not putt. The end result is 15.

Steps to Reproduce

You want to putt so you miss the green entrance as the course goes left - right. But not putt so hard to prevent the ball not stopping on the 2nd course platform. In this situation the game spawned the ball without giving it the ability to putt before the section of courage went to the left.

What I expected to happen

For the ball to stop at a spawn point that doesn’t create a loop where it is considered to be out of bounds.

What happened

An endless loop where the game treats the golf ball as it is still in motion, giving out of bounds penalty causing a score of 15 for this hole.

Notes / Media