[] Max Health is inconsistent

Howdy. I’ve been super excited to play SDNL, as it was one of my favorite gamemodes back in the GMod tower days (or whatever the fps equivalent was called back then, I can’t remember). I’ve been playing quite a bit in private games with my friends, when we started to play the low gravity sniper game mode. I was always able to one-shot them, but they had to hit me twice to kill me. That’s when I realized that I was always spawning with 100 health, while they always spawned with 75. We tested it in gun game, and found that I still always spawned with 100 health, and they both spawned with 75. I restarted my game, and we had one of my friends host instead of me (I was hosting the game when we found out about the bug).

At first, we thought it might be model size affecting hit boxes and then changing the health to follow suit, but that’s no longer our leading theory. We’ve had players health change randomly during the round between reports of 75, 100, and 90 (according to one player). This has been seen happening in regular online games as well, where I asked everyone in the lobby to tell me their health. If this is an intentional feature, then it needs to be explained. If it isn’t intentional, then what do we think is causing it? I don’t feel like providing pictures would help, as it’s just varying max health.

If you are using a workshop player model that has a smaller scale, it’ll set your health to 75 automatically. They’re most likely unaware of the smaller scale of their models?

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Interesting. Do you think there’s a way to eventually add an option to force a standard player model? Scaling the health to the hitbox size is a clever idea, but having inconsistent health and inconsistent hitboxes makes for some confusing gameplay sometimes, especially when it comes to guns like the flintlock, revolver, and the railgun types that will 1-shot a 75 health target but not a 100 health target. For the time being I can coordinate my friends to just use different models, but it also seems like a lot of players online aren’t aware that models affect health in this way.

If I use King K. Rool (or a larger player model) does it auto set to a larger HP?