[ Hotfix] Billiards IO Only Working Once

When in a condo, there are two output events with Billiard table IO. In singleplayer, if there are output connections on start game and/or end of game, it will output the event once, but after re-entering billiards it does not trigger the event again until the host restarts the session.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start a singleplayer session of a condo (in m case the default condo).
  2. Add output events on a billiards table for both end and start game (in my case I had it outputted to hide, unhide, set counter, and fade out/stop/play audio).
  3. Start the game of billiards, then finish it. Initially it should work as intended.
  4. Play another game of billiards.
  5. Observe that the outputs are not called.

What I expected to happen

I expected the output events to be called every time I play billiards in my condo.

What happened

The outputs of billiards IO are not being called more than once per session.

Notes / Media

Sorry none.