[] Gibs & Blood still appearing despite Gore being turned off

Simple as that, during SDNL and other misc things like the condo’s Player Damage volume will still spawn in bloody gibs when you have the Gore setting turned off.
I haven’t found many examples of where it happens, it’s mostly within SDNL. The Damage volume will activate gibs on the “explode” setting, as well as “normal.” “Fall” doesn’t have this problem, and aside from the model-turning-into-skeleton effect (which may just not count as gore lol) nothing else seems to effect it within this volume.
I’d imagine there’s some other items in Condos that may kill you that I’m not familiar with, and those may have the same issues as the player volume. Not sure!
This bug didn’t happen until SDNL was added, and I believe that’s when they added gibs in the first place so that makes sense.

Picture of me after stepping into the damage volume, with gibs on the floor.


Just bumping this, as it’s not yet fixed. Hoping this gets fixed for a friend’s sake, because having big meat chunks and blood fly everywhere anytime anyone gets killed by ANYTHING is kind of a bummer.

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