[] Custom Spawn Points break in various situations

Custom spawn points tend to stop working in various, (usually) unexpected situations. Frustratingly, they sometimes won’t turn red to indicate they’re invalid in certain cases.

Steps to Reproduce

I’ve found these 5 causes which I’m able to consistently reproduce:

  • Spawns break if placed inside an item without collision (ex. Flowers Red, Grass Patch), even if the item’s collision is disabled. They stay green when this happens. This is probably the cause I encounter most often.

  • Spawns break if there’s a ceiling ~35cm or less above it. They stay green when this happens.

  • Spawns initially work if a small clutter item is placed inside them (ex. Weathered Rock Gravel), but if the spawn is multi-selected with another item it will turn red and stop working.

  • Spawns will randomly(?) break if placed on top of an item repeatedly. They turn red when this happens.

  • Spawn points placed directly on the ground (not on an item) won’t work in areas of certain Condos:
    - Anywhere in Underwater
    - In Theater’s screen rooms
    - On Art Studio’s greenscreen
    - On Courtyard Villa’s 2nd floor, sports court, and mesas
    - Anywhere in Resort outside of the train station

Notes / Media

Spawn stops working after being placed in an item that by default has no collision.

Spawn point stops working under a short ceiling, despite still being green.

Spawn point functions as normal after the rocks are moved into it. Stops working after the spawn is multi-selected and one of the arrows is clicked. It sometimes stops working just after multi-selecting, without even having to click an arrow first.

Spawn breaks when randomly placed on various points of a Canvas Polygon. (I was able to reproduce this with other canvas shapes too)

Misc. Broken Spawns

Here’s a few screenshots of spawns that are green but do not actually work. I’m not sure why the spawn breaks in most cases, but I thought they might be helpful anyway.

Spawn broke in this position (understandably), but isn’t red.

Spawn broke in this doorway.

Spawn breaks if placed on this Airlock Door. I’m only able to reproduce this in Smooth Autumn.