[] Game world servers off main menu missing

Game world servers for each game mode off main menu are just missing entirely, no matter how many times I refresh.

Steps to Reproduce

I do not know any way to reproduce, one moment game servers for modes were there yesterday afternoon, after that they were gone

What I expected to happen

Game mode servers to be there

What happened

Game mode servers missing

I’ve verified my game files twice, restarted my computer and so forth. No active servers for any game mode appear.

You can still join a server if you’re friends with a person currently in there

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i am having the same problem

Likewise. Since the recent engine update, the Game Worlds menu is there, but no lobbies appear for any games. I can join through a friend or can make my own, but cannot see in-progress games.

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My friends show servers but I have nothing.

look it this

What regions are you located in? This could be Steam filtering out servers that aren’t in your region (which is not intended by us).

I’m located in the Midwest. Official plaza servers do show up as normal.

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We connect from the same place with my friends, but my friend is normal, but I am not.

For some reason, the desktop computer in my house (I play off of my own PC) has game servers showing up, despite the only difference being a hard connection vs WIFI. I re-installed the game on my pc and the issue is still present.

Also worth mentioning is that condo servers off the main menu are also not there in addition to the previously mentioned game servers.

We’re currently resolving this issue.

Was this fixed with the latest weekly devlog? The issue is still present for me

We are still finishing the update. It’ll be ready this week.

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