[] Floating Chats are broken with IO

I have a TON of io systems set up with the floating chats in my condos. they are set up so once you trigger an output the chats appear and disappear to make it look like the npc is speaking. (video down below for an example.) now after this most recent update all my chats do not work anymore, the output no longer unhides and hides the chats, the chats just stay invisible even after being unhidden. i have to go and make all new chats and re do the connections to get them to work properly and then on condo reload they break all over again and have to repeat the process every time i load up my condo (THIS PROCESS TAKES UPWARDS OF TWO HOURS). now so many of my IO functions in my condo that ive spent that last month working on, no longer work right. FIX PLEASE! also collision on hiding and unhiding walls is broken now too. i had a system set up where i had invisible walls unhide at a certain point to trap players in an area. walls no longer regain collision when unhiding. have to redo everything like stated before to get it to work properly and then it just breaks again on condo reload anyways. Example Vid - YouTube

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Could you DM me your Condo data or screenshot some of the logic you’re doing?

I can look into what changed.

For the hide and unhide issues with walls, were those walls saved as hidden when you saved the condo? What I think might be happening is that when you hide an item, then save it, it’ll keep the collision always off because it assumes you disabled collision on it. It seems like this can be avoided (in our code) by changing how hide/unhide handles collision toggling and that it shouldn’t be based on the no collide setting.

TY for the response. Sent you some examples. To answer your second question. Yes, those walls were saved as hidden when i saved the condo.

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This issue is now resolved in the next update.

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Now it’s actually worse.
For me, the connection doesn’t work at all anymore.
Before it only stopped working after a reload, but now even after remaking the connection from scratch, the floating text refuses to appear.

It unhides, but text doesn’t show.

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I’ll investigate what is going on still.

I have pushed out a hot fix that addresses this issue.

As Bit Chie has said the fix didnt work and just kinda broke them even more. also plushies that were set to trigger IO events no longer work anymore. you cannot squeeze them anymore after the update

Do you have the latest build? 11311902 is the one with the fix. You can see the number at the top right on the main menu or pause menu. It will also fix items that are hidden and unhidden and cannot be interacted with again.

Yes i am currently on that build. Here is a video showing whats going on more or less. Sadly even when i set them up all over again, they still seem to be breaking upon condo reload. also as far as the plushie goes. maybe i have too many connections on there and thats why it seems to be broken? it will not let me squeeze it for some reason. example vid - YouTube

heres a pic of the connections being used on the npc ghost. idk if any of this info helps but hopefully it does.

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ok so i remade new floating chats and re did the io connections for the floating chats again. this time it seems to work upon condo reload! im not sure why it didnt work the first few times, but it is working now.

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