[] Wheel of Money High Score Pop-up is Double The Correct Prize Amount

When I won the jackpot on Wheel of Money, the notification saying I had a new record for the Wheel of Money amount was double what I actually won. I was awarded the right amount (~3.8 mil units), but the notification said I won around 7.6 million units.

Link to video: Moments clip from Apr 18 2023 - YouTube

Steps to Reproduce

Win the WOM jackpot and check for the high score notice on the side, it may be double what you actually won.

What I expected to happen

I expected the WOM notification to be the actual amount I won (~3.6 mil).

What happened

No issue, the awarded amount (and the amount in the notebook) are correct, just the initial pop-up seemed to be double what I won but everything else related to the win worked as intended.

Notes / Media

Video and photo attached of when I won (sorry for the language haha) to show the exact sequence.