[] "Gears of Con" achievement not unlocking

The achievement for getting a x3 multiplier and then a jackpot in Gears of Coin (Gears of Con) is not unlocking for me.

I’ve hit x3 and then jackpot immediately after three times now and the achievement has not been unlocked in game or on Steam.

On my 3rd hit I even got x3 twice in a row before getting jackpot.

The only potential issue I can think of is that the jackpots were not very high at the time (low to mid double digits)

The only variables I can think of is player height (my model requires a small stool), time (I don’t quite remember how long I was in the game for before I hit them), or coins left (again, can’t remember. sorry)

I noticed this issue too. Just tried again default player model. Got 3x then jackpot straight after, achievement doesn’t unlock.

Yep same issue for me, I’ve done it three times to make sure, seems like achievement is bugged.

same here, i’ve tried 3-4 times to no success. This is really frustrating