[] Catsacks in Catsack Hunt have tiny render distance

When I’m looking for Catsacks in Catsack Hunt, they only ever appear if I’m within 10 feet of them. This makes it incredibly difficult to find them all.

Steps to Reproduce

Wait for a Catsack Hunt event, find a Catsack, then walk away a bit backwards.

What I expected to happen

The Catsack should remain visible for the same distance as everything else

What happened

It disappears at way too close a range

This is by design.

I think it would help if they faded in as you got closer, or popped in with a little effect (nothing too noticiable, just something to make it more clear as intentional)
A lot of people seem to think it’s a bug and I’d argue if something appears broken to most players, it’s still an error just by design.
I don’t think they should be easier to find, just more obvious that it’s not a mistake.


While I understand this is likely due to animations being much harder on the performance than static objects, having the option to render them from further away would help alleviate the frustration of having only one or two left and not knowing where they are. My computer could definitely handle them all, so it feels very restrictive to have to lose out due to other people having weaker hardware.