[] Ball Gets Stuck Without Being Out Of Bound

Summary of bug here.

For Mini Golf > Island > Hole #4 my golf ball became stuck where it is shown in the “Notes” screen shot #1. This should have been a hole in one. Instead I timed out. The game treated me as if my ball wasn’t moving. But it didn’t give me the option to putt again since I wasn’t actually stuck.

Steps to Reproduce

Putt your hole in 1 shot in such a way that your golf ball slows down as it reaches the position in the screen shot. In response the bug will simultaneously treat the golf ball as if it legitimately came to a stop by not allowing the ball to continue rolling down hill but not give you the option to make another putt.

What I expected to happen

That the ball will complete my hole in 1 shot.

What happened

After playing the game for some time I realize when a golf ball lands on an object it arrests (slows down) the balls speed. My educated guess is that the edge of the incline is defined incorrectly so it is overlaying onto the putting green. [ See the 2nd screen shot ]

Notes / Media

This is the screen shut of the bug :

This is how I think the game is responding — like when my game landed here and the momentum of putting is greatly reduced.